Friday, January 3, 2014

The Alphabets of fitness: A is for App

A is for app
by Stephanie Jeannot
"An apple a day keeps the doctors away" - English Proverb
Sometimes you feel the need for a buddy to bear the burden of moving forward with that new fitness goal you have created for yourself. That is the moment when we often feel alone and without that needed motivation that we truly seek to accomplish that goal.

In truth, the primary person who started the goal is the person who should be the most interested in seeing the goal born to life. How realistic is that though?

We go to the gym with the expectation of a friend to be there with us who promised us they would be there only to flake out?  Do we still go or don’t we? Will I sound stupid or obsessed sharing my excitement of moving forwarded with fitness if my friend doesn’t have his or her mind steady on the desired outcome?  

The truth is, you might seem a little obsessed.  But is your goal and yours alone.  Nothing wrong with that, if that is what you seek to accomplish. The important thing is to remember that just because it is important to you, does not mean it will be the most important thing to your peers. Consider a person that received blessings of knowledge that her own weight loss achievements inspired others, only for them to not truly follow through and when inviting them to work-out as she would normally, received negative responses.

Not a real reason to give up or backtrack! You must continue on your journey if you plan on seeing this 2014 New Year’s resolution you have started, come true. Instead of bugging peers who may seem uninterested about that very thing your heart is currently wrapped around, unravel those same thoughts virtually.   You may not have a physical peer to share your fitness goals with, but there are many apps and websites available on the Internet available to you.  Here are a few worth sharing:

My Fitness Pal
A website dedicated to fitness. Log on every day and share your meals and workouts with people all across the planet, with similar goals. Not only will you receive an encouraging word, but you can also begin to take control of your calorie intake, learn to balance and find exercise motivation from others. Log on to and start logging today. There is also a downloadable app that you can carry with you on your smartphone wherever you go.


If you are not a member of Pinterest yet, why not check it out by going to , doing a keyword search on fitness, exercise, dieting, losing weight or whatever your fitness goal is and about a million links will pop up that you probably have not known about before. You will find recipes for low-fat, healthy or even gluten free meals, articles, different exercise routines and more.  An app is also available for this user friendly site for your smartphones.

Daily Workouts

An app featuring workouts sectioned off by abs, arms, butt, cardio, leg and full. You have the option of setting the time for each of the workouts you would like to do.  For instance, full workout allows you to do 10, 20 or 30 minute workouts.  Butt workout allows you do 5, 8, or 10minute workouts dedicated to the butt; and so forth.  Great app for the always on-the-go person!

There are tons of other diet and exercise apps available including the south beach diet, weight watchers mobile, Fast food nutrition, paleo living, best diet foods and more.  Also, there are many YouTube videos you can find for free that are dedicated to fitness and weight-loss where you can find entire workout routines or healthy cooking step-by-step recipes. Let’s keep in mind however that if your new year’s resolution for 2014 was to diet, then you plan to stop, so get ready for a roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  But if you have decided to begin a new lifestyle than you plan to keep it and fashion it as your new way of living and will definitely be maintaining your goals. May God bless your trek into the future and may you find much success in any and all of your goals.

Come back soon for more of the alphabets of fitness.

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