Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: I is for Independently

When we make a decision to start something new, even if our friends advise us or try to inspire us to do it, it is our very own selves who must make the step in order to independently overcome the boundaries of before, for the after.

So let’s see; yesterday you thought that. Is that right? And today, your mind is set on higher things for the present moment and for tomorrow.  Is that the case? 

Okay so that means, you independently have a goal that you’d like to accomplish that is yours solely.  I mean in all honesty, reading Fitness or Shape magazine won’t change your habit if you do not change your habit. 

In other words, your friend asks you to go to a Zumba class with her on Wednesday evening and you bring your stuff and you are all prepared but then something comes up at the last minute and your friend can’t make it. Do you go or not go? Were you going to please your friend or to also reap the benefits of the workout? How willing are you to be independently bold to choose a salad even if your friend chooses a burger or you choose to go to the gym even though your friend wants your accompaniment at the bar? It’s your decision independently. And if you started this lifestyle, the challenge is also yours independently. Just remember if the new you is that very way of thinking you want to be strong in and continue moving forward with, do what is necessary to make that a reality. For your friends can’t do the workout and healthy eating for you to lose that weight on your own body. All the work must be independently done by you.

The following poem was inspired by two things; Poetry Tuesday and how it feels when you feel alone because your peers get tired of you inviting them to the gym and call you obsessed or you eliminate things from your diet that people all around you are eating or everybody at the gym seems like a pro and you don’t even know how to turn on the stationary bike. If that is you, I know exactly what it feels like. This poem therefore, is dedicated to you. Prayerfully it motivates you in some way.

I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
I won't make it
sitting down.
All the snow
has me bound.
Stuck at home
before the tv.
So, for the next few moments
it's popcorn and me;
and a soda to taste.
Maybe I'll mix it with vodka.
Oh man, I forgot my own decision
in my gym locker.
I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
But I'm hungry for life
and working out ain't it.
Who cares about
being skinny or fit?
I'm great the way I am;
beautiful, it's true
and sexier than red velvet cake
to a man with a sweet tooth.
But then I noticed
all this sluggishness I have.
I find myself in struggle
to keep up with the pack.
They are running their three miles
and I'm running out of breath.
I even find myself holding up the wall
when I go out dancing with my friends.
At first I thought I'm getting old
and took it as fact;
but then I look at myself in the mirror
and realized, it can't be that.
For I'm young and vibrant
and ready for life.
But somehow I am being controlled
by the foods that catch my bite.
I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
I feel heavy; so ready
to make a change for the better.
Must I really give up
on those cheeses of cheddar?
And what about my Popeyes
chicken and biscuits? Good to the last bite.
But here I start this new lifestyle.
And I'm ready for the fight
over healthier eating
and more controlled breathing
and dropping pant sizes.
And no more burnt up rubbed together thighs.
And to less weight to carry.
And to the fitness strategies.
And to low fat snacking.
And to the haters I'm attracting
Who would love to see me fail at this;
my fit bits with a twist.
I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
My mind right with a half full cup
and ready to rock and roll,
like a star in the night sky
shooting across it with purpose glows.
For I started this lifestyle and it's mine
so I'm gonna keep it for life.
For what's style if it isn't me?
It's with my past editions of me which I compete.
And complete with a theme:
My goal strives are mine; independently!
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Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon for more Fit Bit twists. God bless you and have a pulchritudinous journey moving forward.

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