Monday, March 31, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: L is for "Living to Eat vs Eating to Live" (apoem)

To start off National Poetry a Month, this poem on health and fitness is dedicated to my friend.  


It is easier to decide to change your ways on your own than to be told you have to.  You have more patience with moving forward with your own intention than to be forced to make a step you never thought you'd have to. It is easier to eliminate something because you really want to than to be restricted from it because than you struggle to.

Trust me; I have been through it and I know it is not easy. But if you truly want to do the right thing for your own health; just do it! Prayerfully this poem will inspire as opposed to offend anybody going through food related health issues as I did. 

                                 Living to Eat vs Eating to Live (a poem)


Live to eat
And live to see
The doctor screen
For unnecessary diseases
That you can avoid 
By making the choice
To eat to live
As needed

We can live to eat
And see our feet
Only when over bending
What our big bellies are covering
Trust me, I know
It was not long ago
When food controlled me
Got the best of me

But then
I decided that
When I got to bat
I had to combat
To get control back
For even if I love to eat
I won't allow food to defeat
My health to live
Because without my health, I have nothing 

So eat to live
Portion control is
Eating responsibly
And following doctor's orders
For if they restrict for your chances
Of living another day
Don't let food take that possibility away

Instead change your habits
Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
Eat less fats and fried
And surely, exercise
For health is not for beauty
But meant to be taken seriously
Sure we might be okay as is
But you only have your own heart to win

So make sure to keep it pumping healthy
And keep your heart beating steady
And keep your plate looking balanced
And eat more salads
Not saying fun shouldn't be had
But if you live to eat fast
You might be headed down a path
That only controlling your eating can patch

I dedicate this to you my friend
And blessings and a prayer extend 
For power over your ailments
Yes you can
Even if you say you don't want to
Because the items doctors say are not you
Just know that God's got you
Don't let bad eating habits defeat you!