Tuesday, October 28, 2014

T is for Take a Bite into a Run

A Need to Run

I'll never forget! I was in the 4th grade and every day after school, my friends and I would get on the bus to head home. 

That day was no different. School ended and we walked towards the bus, got on for the brief ride until our stop where we got off to walk the rest of the way to our destination. The only difference with that day was the loose dog that was standing at the corner.

I had always been afraid of dogs and I guess dogs can usually sense fear on a person because it came and started sniffing me. That was when my running days began.

I never ran so far and long before until that day.  It was luck that my best friend's brother was at the front of their building because if he hadn't been holding the door open, I probably would have gotten bitten by the dog. 

Recently, I started on this running journey again; but only indoors and on a treadmill without the encouragement of a mean, barking dog running after me. It started out as intervals of walking, jogging and running and now I have gained stamina to run 41 minutes straight. I think that is pretty good considering, I am not your average runner and have yet to try a long distance run that is all terrain. But I will!

Take A Bite Into Running

So here are some things to think about when running . . . 

1. Running requires your arms to be moving as well so if you are on a treadmill holding on to the bars and running, you are not doing the cardio workout correctly
2. 4.0 on a treadmill is fast paced walking, not running.
3. Warmup before and stretch after. You might feel achiness in your knees when you are done. So make sure to stretch them out or strengthen by stationary bike riding with good resistance. 
4. Good sneakers made for your feet are important. Make sure they have good traction. You will know you need new sneakers when the foot support is not the same and you start feeling cramps in your feet or ankles.
5. Running is a great exercise to shed belly fat. So if you are trying to lose your stomach; run. 
6. You can experience a bit of what all terrain running is indoors by adding incline to your treadmill run; the natural earth has incline. But, the best way to experience it is to challenge yourself, change your environment and get outside. 
7. You can burn over 500 calories with just 45 minutes of running. Your heart will be thanking you for each end every second of it. 

Running  Idea

By the way! 

I am no longer afraid of dogs. I am strong enough to put my fear aside and to not let even the biggest bark to send me running. 

What I failed to realize back then is the power I have in my stance. So much power that I could've thrown that loose pet harder than a pitch by Ventura of the Kansas City Royals and left it feeling the dog days. Now how does that bark bite? Lol! 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

S is for Strength

You do all this work trying to bust your ass just to get the pounds off. You shed the pounds but then you see skin hanging that needs to be trimmed. That's when I realized; cardio is great but so is strength training.

Sure we can lift our own selves up to carry our own weight. Well barely! How many times have you gone up a flight of steps and been left huffing and puffing as if you just ran a marathon? Sure you could lift yourself out of bed in the morning to face the rising sun, but could you lift your own body from the  ground if you fell? God forbid the movie "2012" was our reality and our only option to survive was to carry our entire world on our backs while racing to China towards the spaceship. Would we have the strength to carry on? 


Recently, I attended the Circle of Sisters Festival at the Jacob Javits Center in New York and the Marines were there. They were recruiting and giving out information and one of the things a person must be able to do to be a part is a pull-up. And so I tried it. 

I could barely pull my own weight up. Knowing that it is hard, made me consider my little 8lbs and 10lbs weights that I do strength training workouts with. 

Married to the Weight

Today, I made an adjustment. 

I married new weights; fifteens for the first time.

My something new; New resistance! Borrowed strength from God to lift them through each rep and I got the blues because of my sore shoulders. But I can't complain. I want them toned arms and the strength and I am doing it!!! :))) 

And when it comes time to get into that race for my spot on that spaceship in China, nobody will be able to stop me. I've become a pro at doing superwomans. I can thrust forward with swiftness. I have the strength!!! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

R is for Ready, Set, Yoga

I just love Autumn. The things I love most about this season are the beautiful weather, the colors, the outdoor energy (fairs, outdoor musical events), the fashion and the workout opportunities. Autumn is a perfect time to fall back into fitness. So let's make sure to get that heart pumping and keeping our minds and bodies healthy.

Wherever You Are

The gym may not be for everyone. It might seem too tight and confined for some who find joy working out in other places.

Running or weight lifting may not be for everyday.  It is good to do, but maybe adding different types of exercises to your lifestyle that also affect different muscles in your body, might not only enhance the experience, but keep your mind geared toward continuing on your fitness journey.

So how about taking your workouts outside!

Ready, Set, Yoga

Have you ever tried yoga?  It is a great exercise that can stretch every muscle in your body and also make you more flexible.  What I found to be great about yoga is that it teaches you how to breathe effectively so that when you are doing harder cardio workouts, you find the breathing process to be much easier.

Yes, yoga is meditational and yes it can bring you peace of mind. No, not all forms of yoga will put you to sleep and yes, your body can actually benefit from it. And it is a great exercise to do anyplace and at anytime.

Some questions you might be wondering is, how many downward dogs do I have to do for it to be considered yoga? Can I snap my neck doing head or shoulder stands?  Do I actually need a mat to do yoga? Following an instructor is best at the beginner stage. Guidance is helpful to get a hang of different yoga positions; but once you get a hang of it, anytime and anyplace a yogi sees fit.

I took it outside to Canarsie Pier and in the midst of my time there, I realize I did not really need a mat at all.  Through this experience, I have now found a name for my car: YOGAMAT.

This post was inspired by MAMAKAT's writing prompt on the five things I love most about fall. The top love would be working out though there is not really a season that is dedicated to it; it is an everyday passion.  This post was also inspired by National Name Your Car Day which falls on October 2, 2014 this year. Fun idea to use these  images to come up with a name for my vehicle.  (Photos are courtesy of EJ Haughton Photography)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Q is for Quantum Zumba

It doesn't take much to get a quick workout in. I found out how true that idea is this past Saturday at the Apollo Harlem Healthy Soul Fair that took place on W 126th Street between Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and Frederick Douglass. 

A stage was setup where Zumba and fitness classes were being held by Shakeup NYC, the New York Knicks Dancers and more; and all passers by could take part. In 20 minutes, not only did we work up a sweat shimmying and doing the quick foot among other dances, but we each burned over 100 calories. Can I say, ENERGY!!! Not bad for a quick workout that was also fun! 

Add something different to your workout daily so that it doesn't start to wear off its effectiveness, become redundant and boring or make you lose interest.  Zumba fitness adds that type of energy for me; different songs each time, a variety of dance moves and zumba's enjoyable nature.

Did you know that Emblem Health offers free fitness classes that is open to the public? You do not need to be enrolled in an expensive gym to workout. If you are interested in achieving a better lifestyle, visit http://www.ehnc.com for a full calendar of free health and fitness related events. Also, there are many free workout classes you can find on-line by accessing youtube. You'd be surprise at the quality of fitness classes offered that are full-length and very good. 

It doesn't take much to get your fitness on. The key to it is just doing it! 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

P is for Push

There is no time or place designed that is designed as the only time and place to push. Push wherever you are and whenever you feel like you are ready and you need a little push in your life.


Anybody who desires to workout and are equipped with the willpower, the success will be yours.


Achieving quality health and fitness is not an easy thing. It requires work and dedication. It requires belief in yourself and faith in God's power to enable you to make it happen. So push! Know that you can do it and never allow any comment, thought of failure, impatience over seeing other progressing faster than you or anything, make you lose your ground. You set your parameters and you fellow your own path and accomplish your fitness goals, your way.  But just know, it takes time. So be patient, stick with it and see results.


At your desk?  You get tired of sitting, stand up and stretch your legs for a minute and let your muscles work a little beyond the fingers that are typing on the keyboard.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  If you work on the second floor, it is just a few steps down to the first.  Are we being lazy or is it really necessary to let the electronics of man do the work that the legs God created for you can do more efficiently?  Go out and take a walk during your lunch break. Or maybe go for a quick workout at the nearby gym.  30 minutes may not seem like much of a workout but,  30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise increases your heart health tremendously.

At home? You do not need a gym to workout. Grab two of your heaviest bottles of hair conditioning treatments or corona bottles and use them as weights while you are watching television.  Do a few bicep curls with them, some tricep extensions and maybe some shoulder twists. Pretend you have a rope in your hand and just jump like you would skip rope.  During each television commercial break while watching the evening news or your favorite television show, do squats through the duration of one commercial, lunges through the next one, pushups or tricep dips during the next one and maybe some torso twists through the next one until the show you are watching comes back from the commercial break.


In the morning?  I find that working out gives me energy like coffee does. So in the morning is not so bad for me to go for a morning walk or jog through the park, to do some Nintendo Wii Zumba or Just Dance dancing, or to get on to the elliptical machine at the gym. But if you are not such a morning person, maybe during midday is not so bad.  Working out before you eat is the best thing because after you work up an appetite, you are giving yourself a great treat. However if you eat immediately before, you are setting yourself up for getting those cramps on the side of your stomach that some people call stitches, while you work out.  But maybe you are not the type who likes to workout and then continue the hustle and bustle of the day. How about right after work? Try walking home from wherever you are on purpose. Most people will volunteer to walk the five miles for a benefit walkathon. How about using this walk to benefit your own heart and health?  You'll be surprised how you can shed and tighten your belly by just regularly walking a mile or two. But maybe you have a lot to do at home and you want to rush.  How about right before bed?  So you are tired and you lay down but not tired enough to close your eyes and fall asleep at a decent hour.  Work out and make yourself so tired that you have not option but to honor your body.  There is always a time so make time because nobody else can spend their time on bettering your own expensive health for you. Only you can.



Because it is your health. Because your body is God's temple. Because you want to achieve better  heart health. Because you do not want to be pre- or borderline any diseases caused by your own eating habits. Because you can. Because you want to.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

O is For Oh Carbs!

Oh Carbs!

I remember a few years back. I tried this all meat diet that my friend was doing. You could consume as much meat as you want in a given day, but absolutely no carbs and with this diet, lose 10 pounds in a week. 

I was also going to the gym heavily at that time and would hurry from work to Ballys every night. But during the time, I was trying that very diet. 

I did my same daily routine: after work, hit to the gym, got on the treadmill and started running; only to be left feeling like I was about to pass out. The diet is a great idea if you need to lose pounds quickly and are not going to be physically active, but if you are, carbs are important to your diet. Gives you that needed energy. 

But I Gave Up Eating Carbs!

Okay, I admit it! I stopped eating bread, rice and pasta to achieve losing weight but there are more to carbs than just bread, rice and pasta. Are we forgetting that the nutritional food charts tell us that fruit and vegetable consumption are important parts of our diets? These are carbs as well and are important because they provide us with energy. So it was not so much giving up carbs; it was more about sticking to a low carb diet instead. 

So Here's an Idea!

It's summertime and we are all about to get into some heavy eating at barbecues and going to fish fries and other summertime gathering events. But you do not have to skip out on all the delicious food items our friends and families will have spread out on their tables. Instead improvise. 

Remember that too much of anything is no good. So to an all meat diet, I say not my thing because we get cholesterol from products made from animals. I do not want to ever suffer from cholesterol issues and be told later by a doctor, what I need to restrict in order to survive from unnecessary diseases caused by eating. It's a different world to do something willingly as opposed to by force or to improve health issues. So here's a thought; If you know you are going to four barbecues in the weekend, maybe you can skip on meat items during the weekdays and instead have other healthy proteins like beans, nuts, or soy. 

And yes,  I agree! Carbs do give us energy. But don't get it twisted that on a picnic table, the only carb you can add to a burger for the energy you are seeking will derive from bread. Then what are tomatoes? Aren't they carbs? Can the bread and instead, add your favorite toppings and enjoy! Still great; just without the high carb item. 

Here are Some Other Summertime Food Ideas That Might Be Helpful

1. For every other drink, let it be room temperature water. 

Ex. Wine cooler, room temperature water, frozen margarita, room temperature water, lemonade, room temperature water, iced coffee, room temperature water. This way, you stay not only bring refreshed with tasty drinks but also hydrated with this necessary element. I say room temperature because this is the temperature which water digests in our bodies. So if you ever come to a point where you are dying for water and are in need of some immediately, make sure to skip the ice for a quick reparation.

2. Juice is great, but choose juices that are 100% juice. If you are wondering why, read nutrition labels and compare the sugar content for a drink that is 100% juice to one that isn't. 

3. It's not too hot to get in your kitchen and do some good old fashioned cooking. And if it is, go outside and grill. More home cooked than store/restaurant bought food. Less fat and better quality eating.

4. Eat plenty of fruits. Grapes have lots of water in them. You want energy, energize with grapes. Good and tasty eat.

Links on Carbs

List of Carbs http://detoxdoll254.blogspot.com 

Naked Burger Paleo Diet http://thatpaleodiet.com/post/51908675072/naked-burger

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Benefits of Eating Carbs http://www.livestrong.com/article/504219-four-important-benefits-of-carbohydrates/

Sunday, May 25, 2014

N is for Saying No to Things you Gave Up for Your Lifestyle

Negating alcohol from your diet means you are not having any, even if your family and friends all around you are.

For one, it is full of sugar and you want to cut down your sugar intake if taking your balanced nutrition seriously. Also it dehydrates you and somehow slows down the digestive system. Finally, one mixed drink has about the same amount of calories as one three course meal does, depending on what you are having. If you are trying to stick to a low calorie diet, that is definitely something meant to consider.

 But it's not the easiest thing to let go of. If you like alcohol, you probably drink it more than just socially. Cutting down little by little helps. But so does being strong and sticking to your decision. 

So here are a few ways to say no without seeming "obsessed with fitness"

So you gave up alcohol? Sure it tastes good and it is a great social drink. AHA even says a glass of wine a day is good for the heart. But you decide it is not in agreement with your lifestyle. And just then, a beautiful person who is used to seeing you as the life of the party, offers you a drink.

You could say 
A. Alright. Get me a cranberry and ginger ale mixed
B. No thank you, I'm driving. 

You could say 
A. I no longer drink alcohol. But you could get me a bottled water 
B. I'm already naturally potent. What good would alcohol do? And laugh . . .

Either way, you'd be telling the truth. 

N is for saying no to things you like. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: M is For Staying Motivated

When it comes to trying to attain fitness, remember it is not an overnight thing. It takes time, persistence and true motivation. 

Keep going and never give up on your goals. 

Motivation means everything to a person seeking that one thing that is definitely something worth fighting for. 

With that in mind, here are some links you might enjoy to help you to stay motivated:

Fitness Challenges http://www.challengeloop.com/ideas/topic/health-fitness

My Journey to Fitness http://ilheartmyhair.blogspot.com/2014/03/i-am-changing.html

Blending Fitness Into Your Life http://fitbittwist.blogspot.com/2014/01/alphabets-of-fitness-b-is-for-blending.html

Thank you so much for reading my blog post. Have a wonderful weekend. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: L is for "Living to Eat vs Eating to Live" (apoem)

To start off National Poetry a Month, this poem on health and fitness is dedicated to my friend.  


It is easier to decide to change your ways on your own than to be told you have to.  You have more patience with moving forward with your own intention than to be forced to make a step you never thought you'd have to. It is easier to eliminate something because you really want to than to be restricted from it because than you struggle to.

Trust me; I have been through it and I know it is not easy. But if you truly want to do the right thing for your own health; just do it! Prayerfully this poem will inspire as opposed to offend anybody going through food related health issues as I did. 

                                 Living to Eat vs Eating to Live (a poem)


Live to eat
And live to see
The doctor screen
For unnecessary diseases
That you can avoid 
By making the choice
To eat to live
As needed

We can live to eat
And see our feet
Only when over bending
What our big bellies are covering
Trust me, I know
It was not long ago
When food controlled me
Got the best of me

But then
I decided that
When I got to bat
I had to combat
To get control back
For even if I love to eat
I won't allow food to defeat
My health to live
Because without my health, I have nothing 

So eat to live
Portion control is
Eating responsibly
And following doctor's orders
For if they restrict for your chances
Of living another day
Don't let food take that possibility away

Instead change your habits
Add fruits and vegetables to your diet
Eat less fats and fried
And surely, exercise
For health is not for beauty
But meant to be taken seriously
Sure we might be okay as is
But you only have your own heart to win

So make sure to keep it pumping healthy
And keep your heart beating steady
And keep your plate looking balanced
And eat more salads
Not saying fun shouldn't be had
But if you live to eat fast
You might be headed down a path
That only controlling your eating can patch

I dedicate this to you my friend
And blessings and a prayer extend 
For power over your ailments
Yes you can
Even if you say you don't want to
Because the items doctors say are not you
Just know that God's got you
Don't let bad eating habits defeat you! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: K is for Keeping up with Thine Own Health

("God Cares" written by Stephanie Jeannot & Mike LeShore) , (c) All Rights Reserved)
This month of February, like every February, is American Heart Month. Are you celebrating?

Remember, the heart is like the drum pattern in a song that without, the song and dance would seem irregular.  And with the perfect tempo, the rhythm flows naturally as God intended without having to be doctored to fix.

So what are you doing to show that organ that orchestrates the beautiful melodies that God enables to pace in each new moment of life?  Are you getting it pumping hard with passion?  By passion, I mean exercise.

If you love the beat of life, like the beats of music then, walk hard like you would to a funk song with a song in your heart like, “I want to thank you for letting me be myself.” If you are loving the simple fact that God woke you up this morning in new mercies, you are dazzled in red and those lyrics you groove to are then truth and you are definitely then, keeping up with thine own health; especially with the given fact that heart disease is the number one killer of women. As soldiers, we are equipped to win the battle over health and we definitely can conquer good health.

So what else can you do?

K is for kettlebells. Did you know that in 20 minutes of doing kettlebell workout, you can burn up to 400 calories?  Seems like a lot if you are sticking to a 1200 calorie diet. But if you eat a bacon double cheeseburger with large fries and a soda every day, you will only be burning off the calories from the fries.  Not so bad but if you love your heart, let’s eat a lil better to show it some true appreciation and love. 

K Is for kicking the carbs.  Did you know that the serving size of bread per person is really one slice?  Take a look at the nutritional facts on the bag of bread that you just copped from the grocery store.  What does it say about the serving size?  Am I right or was I just really kidding? 

K is for keeping the faith. Keep the faith and keep moving forward. We all stub our toes
sometimes and even if we fall, we were built with enough strength to stand back up and face the sun of yet another morning. So how are you keeping the faith?  Are you praying? Are you aware that there is more power behind you than any challenge that stands before you? 
Because moving towards a fitness goal is not easy at all; takes a whole lot of willpower. So don’t give up. Even if you decide to give up sweets or alcohol for Lent and all your friends flaunt red velvet cheese cakes or Long Beach Iced Teas in your face; if you made the decision to kick the habits, you need to keep the faith and stick with it because it is still your journey alone; even with your family and peers around you. Your true peeps will be your support team and will help you to stay motivated.

Finally! K is for Kill it.  Don’t sit around pinning workouts you want to try and never try them or have the tv on with Gillad doing his workout while you just sit back and watch without joining in the excitement and putting in the actual work. No, if you get a chain letter email that tells you to forward it to ten friends to lose 20lbs, you will not lose 20lbs by just typing names in the to box.  Also, don't use the excuse of not wanting to sweat out your perm and can't workout. Can't is such a disabling word. You can still look cute and workout even with your perm having sweat in it. Natural sweat actually helps hair to grow.  You would probably look sweeter on an assisted weight machine than laid up in a hospital bed somewhere from heart related illnesses. You gots to get with the program and do the job required to do what you are wanting to achieve.  If better heart health is it, do it. Walk for it. Run with it. Ride towards it. Kettlebell the inches off. Kut the krap and get your healthy heart-conscious eating and heart-pumping workout on. You can do anything you want so even if doubt comes to stand in your way, let your faith be the weapon that kills it and keep moving forward.


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blogpost. Please leave feedback with tips or comments in regards to health and maintaining it because we can all use the motivation if you are willing to share. By the way, if you liked the song at the beginning of this post, you can find more original music on my Reverbnation page here: Stephanay JNote's ReverbNation Page
May God continue to bless you in abundance.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: J is for Just Do it!

Just do it! You have it in your heart. You feel the temptation to get with the program. Your mind is filled with ideas of the what ifs.  But what if you just do it? What then?

I know, things do not seem so easy at first. You start and then a mountain of doubt tries to stop you from moving forward. But you have been equipped with all you need to continue upon the journey you started. So just do it!

Go out to the nearest park and do a brisk walk or jog. Go out there and shovel or do gardening. Lots of calorie burning there, in doing housework and some in cooking as well. How about doing some cleaning and getting rid of old stuff that are no longer necessary in your life?  Oversized clothes items that no longer fit or those Burger King coupons that you are no longer going to find use for because of your new eating healthy lifestyle. Letting out the old truly ushers in the new. So make way for the new you.

Choose the light butter over movie butter popcorn and say no to the extra cheese.  Choose turkey burgers as opposed to the beef and ask for whole wheat toast when ordering sandwiches.

One thing you must remember to do is to meditate and keep God on your mind and your mind on the matter. Prayer while you are on your way to reaching your goal is necessary. Do not turn back and give up. Let God guide you to exactly where you are striving to be and to what you are striving to accomplish. For he told us that we only need to stand still while he fights our battles for us. 

All that stands in the way will fade. Most of the time it is our own doubts and fears that stand in the way.  But why fear the very things you hope for?  Why doubt in your abilities to make things happen? Remember it took strength to start walking from crawling.

Finally, be happy about your decision. You started it, now smile about it. Be confident in any and all you are doing and that will lead you to the strength and the joy that was never anyone or anything else's to reckon with because joy is internal from God. Now carry that faith with you in your gym bag, wear your confidence like cross training sneakers and exercise faith wherever you go. Even if everyone else is wearing shorts and cut-off t-shirts and you feel out of place because you are all covered up; or you want to do chest presses and can only push with resistance at 10 lbs.

Who cares?  As long as you are doing it. For to not try is to fail. But trying leads to pushing harder. Isn't that the whole point of the new you attitude you decided to bring into your groove?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: I is for Independently

When we make a decision to start something new, even if our friends advise us or try to inspire us to do it, it is our very own selves who must make the step in order to independently overcome the boundaries of before, for the after.

So let’s see; yesterday you thought that. Is that right? And today, your mind is set on higher things for the present moment and for tomorrow.  Is that the case? 

Okay so that means, you independently have a goal that you’d like to accomplish that is yours solely.  I mean in all honesty, reading Fitness or Shape magazine won’t change your habit if you do not change your habit. 

In other words, your friend asks you to go to a Zumba class with her on Wednesday evening and you bring your stuff and you are all prepared but then something comes up at the last minute and your friend can’t make it. Do you go or not go? Were you going to please your friend or to also reap the benefits of the workout? How willing are you to be independently bold to choose a salad even if your friend chooses a burger or you choose to go to the gym even though your friend wants your accompaniment at the bar? It’s your decision independently. And if you started this lifestyle, the challenge is also yours independently. Just remember if the new you is that very way of thinking you want to be strong in and continue moving forward with, do what is necessary to make that a reality. For your friends can’t do the workout and healthy eating for you to lose that weight on your own body. All the work must be independently done by you.

The following poem was inspired by two things; Poetry Tuesday and how it feels when you feel alone because your peers get tired of you inviting them to the gym and call you obsessed or you eliminate things from your diet that people all around you are eating or everybody at the gym seems like a pro and you don’t even know how to turn on the stationary bike. If that is you, I know exactly what it feels like. This poem therefore, is dedicated to you. Prayerfully it motivates you in some way.

I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
I won't make it
sitting down.
All the snow
has me bound.
Stuck at home
before the tv.
So, for the next few moments
it's popcorn and me;
and a soda to taste.
Maybe I'll mix it with vodka.
Oh man, I forgot my own decision
in my gym locker.
I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
But I'm hungry for life
and working out ain't it.
Who cares about
being skinny or fit?
I'm great the way I am;
beautiful, it's true
and sexier than red velvet cake
to a man with a sweet tooth.
But then I noticed
all this sluggishness I have.
I find myself in struggle
to keep up with the pack.
They are running their three miles
and I'm running out of breath.
I even find myself holding up the wall
when I go out dancing with my friends.
At first I thought I'm getting old
and took it as fact;
but then I look at myself in the mirror
and realized, it can't be that.
For I'm young and vibrant
and ready for life.
But somehow I am being controlled
by the foods that catch my bite.
I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
I feel heavy; so ready
to make a change for the better.
Must I really give up
on those cheeses of cheddar?
And what about my Popeyes
chicken and biscuits? Good to the last bite.
But here I start this new lifestyle.
And I'm ready for the fight
over healthier eating
and more controlled breathing
and dropping pant sizes.
And no more burnt up rubbed together thighs.
And to less weight to carry.
And to the fitness strategies.
And to low fat snacking.
And to the haters I'm attracting
Who would love to see me fail at this;
my fit bits with a twist.
I see!
My decision means;
it's all in me.
My mind right with a half full cup
and ready to rock and roll,
like a star in the night sky
shooting across it with purpose glows.
For I started this lifestyle and it's mine
so I'm gonna keep it for life.
For what's style if it isn't me?
It's with my past editions of me which I compete.
And complete with a theme:
My goal strives are mine; independently!
Check out the following links if you are interested
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Hope to see you again soon for more Fit Bit twists. God bless you and have a pulchritudinous journey moving forward.