Saturday, August 16, 2014

P is for Push

There is no time or place designed that is designed as the only time and place to push. Push wherever you are and whenever you feel like you are ready and you need a little push in your life.


Anybody who desires to workout and are equipped with the willpower, the success will be yours.


Achieving quality health and fitness is not an easy thing. It requires work and dedication. It requires belief in yourself and faith in God's power to enable you to make it happen. So push! Know that you can do it and never allow any comment, thought of failure, impatience over seeing other progressing faster than you or anything, make you lose your ground. You set your parameters and you fellow your own path and accomplish your fitness goals, your way.  But just know, it takes time. So be patient, stick with it and see results.


At your desk?  You get tired of sitting, stand up and stretch your legs for a minute and let your muscles work a little beyond the fingers that are typing on the keyboard.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  If you work on the second floor, it is just a few steps down to the first.  Are we being lazy or is it really necessary to let the electronics of man do the work that the legs God created for you can do more efficiently?  Go out and take a walk during your lunch break. Or maybe go for a quick workout at the nearby gym.  30 minutes may not seem like much of a workout but,  30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise increases your heart health tremendously.

At home? You do not need a gym to workout. Grab two of your heaviest bottles of hair conditioning treatments or corona bottles and use them as weights while you are watching television.  Do a few bicep curls with them, some tricep extensions and maybe some shoulder twists. Pretend you have a rope in your hand and just jump like you would skip rope.  During each television commercial break while watching the evening news or your favorite television show, do squats through the duration of one commercial, lunges through the next one, pushups or tricep dips during the next one and maybe some torso twists through the next one until the show you are watching comes back from the commercial break.


In the morning?  I find that working out gives me energy like coffee does. So in the morning is not so bad for me to go for a morning walk or jog through the park, to do some Nintendo Wii Zumba or Just Dance dancing, or to get on to the elliptical machine at the gym. But if you are not such a morning person, maybe during midday is not so bad.  Working out before you eat is the best thing because after you work up an appetite, you are giving yourself a great treat. However if you eat immediately before, you are setting yourself up for getting those cramps on the side of your stomach that some people call stitches, while you work out.  But maybe you are not the type who likes to workout and then continue the hustle and bustle of the day. How about right after work? Try walking home from wherever you are on purpose. Most people will volunteer to walk the five miles for a benefit walkathon. How about using this walk to benefit your own heart and health?  You'll be surprised how you can shed and tighten your belly by just regularly walking a mile or two. But maybe you have a lot to do at home and you want to rush.  How about right before bed?  So you are tired and you lay down but not tired enough to close your eyes and fall asleep at a decent hour.  Work out and make yourself so tired that you have not option but to honor your body.  There is always a time so make time because nobody else can spend their time on bettering your own expensive health for you. Only you can.



Because it is your health. Because your body is God's temple. Because you want to achieve better  heart health. Because you do not want to be pre- or borderline any diseases caused by your own eating habits. Because you can. Because you want to.


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