Sunday, June 15, 2014

O is For Oh Carbs!

Oh Carbs!

I remember a few years back. I tried this all meat diet that my friend was doing. You could consume as much meat as you want in a given day, but absolutely no carbs and with this diet, lose 10 pounds in a week. 

I was also going to the gym heavily at that time and would hurry from work to Ballys every night. But during the time, I was trying that very diet. 

I did my same daily routine: after work, hit to the gym, got on the treadmill and started running; only to be left feeling like I was about to pass out. The diet is a great idea if you need to lose pounds quickly and are not going to be physically active, but if you are, carbs are important to your diet. Gives you that needed energy. 

But I Gave Up Eating Carbs!

Okay, I admit it! I stopped eating bread, rice and pasta to achieve losing weight but there are more to carbs than just bread, rice and pasta. Are we forgetting that the nutritional food charts tell us that fruit and vegetable consumption are important parts of our diets? These are carbs as well and are important because they provide us with energy. So it was not so much giving up carbs; it was more about sticking to a low carb diet instead. 

So Here's an Idea!

It's summertime and we are all about to get into some heavy eating at barbecues and going to fish fries and other summertime gathering events. But you do not have to skip out on all the delicious food items our friends and families will have spread out on their tables. Instead improvise. 

Remember that too much of anything is no good. So to an all meat diet, I say not my thing because we get cholesterol from products made from animals. I do not want to ever suffer from cholesterol issues and be told later by a doctor, what I need to restrict in order to survive from unnecessary diseases caused by eating. It's a different world to do something willingly as opposed to by force or to improve health issues. So here's a thought; If you know you are going to four barbecues in the weekend, maybe you can skip on meat items during the weekdays and instead have other healthy proteins like beans, nuts, or soy. 

And yes,  I agree! Carbs do give us energy. But don't get it twisted that on a picnic table, the only carb you can add to a burger for the energy you are seeking will derive from bread. Then what are tomatoes? Aren't they carbs? Can the bread and instead, add your favorite toppings and enjoy! Still great; just without the high carb item. 

Here are Some Other Summertime Food Ideas That Might Be Helpful

1. For every other drink, let it be room temperature water. 

Ex. Wine cooler, room temperature water, frozen margarita, room temperature water, lemonade, room temperature water, iced coffee, room temperature water. This way, you stay not only bring refreshed with tasty drinks but also hydrated with this necessary element. I say room temperature because this is the temperature which water digests in our bodies. So if you ever come to a point where you are dying for water and are in need of some immediately, make sure to skip the ice for a quick reparation.

2. Juice is great, but choose juices that are 100% juice. If you are wondering why, read nutrition labels and compare the sugar content for a drink that is 100% juice to one that isn't. 

3. It's not too hot to get in your kitchen and do some good old fashioned cooking. And if it is, go outside and grill. More home cooked than store/restaurant bought food. Less fat and better quality eating.

4. Eat plenty of fruits. Grapes have lots of water in them. You want energy, energize with grapes. Good and tasty eat.

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