Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: J is for Just Do it!

Just do it! You have it in your heart. You feel the temptation to get with the program. Your mind is filled with ideas of the what ifs.  But what if you just do it? What then?

I know, things do not seem so easy at first. You start and then a mountain of doubt tries to stop you from moving forward. But you have been equipped with all you need to continue upon the journey you started. So just do it!

Go out to the nearest park and do a brisk walk or jog. Go out there and shovel or do gardening. Lots of calorie burning there, in doing housework and some in cooking as well. How about doing some cleaning and getting rid of old stuff that are no longer necessary in your life?  Oversized clothes items that no longer fit or those Burger King coupons that you are no longer going to find use for because of your new eating healthy lifestyle. Letting out the old truly ushers in the new. So make way for the new you.

Choose the light butter over movie butter popcorn and say no to the extra cheese.  Choose turkey burgers as opposed to the beef and ask for whole wheat toast when ordering sandwiches.

One thing you must remember to do is to meditate and keep God on your mind and your mind on the matter. Prayer while you are on your way to reaching your goal is necessary. Do not turn back and give up. Let God guide you to exactly where you are striving to be and to what you are striving to accomplish. For he told us that we only need to stand still while he fights our battles for us. 

All that stands in the way will fade. Most of the time it is our own doubts and fears that stand in the way.  But why fear the very things you hope for?  Why doubt in your abilities to make things happen? Remember it took strength to start walking from crawling.

Finally, be happy about your decision. You started it, now smile about it. Be confident in any and all you are doing and that will lead you to the strength and the joy that was never anyone or anything else's to reckon with because joy is internal from God. Now carry that faith with you in your gym bag, wear your confidence like cross training sneakers and exercise faith wherever you go. Even if everyone else is wearing shorts and cut-off t-shirts and you feel out of place because you are all covered up; or you want to do chest presses and can only push with resistance at 10 lbs.

Who cares?  As long as you are doing it. For to not try is to fail. But trying leads to pushing harder. Isn't that the whole point of the new you attitude you decided to bring into your groove?

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