Sunday, January 5, 2014

Alphabets of Fitness: C is for Change

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or we wait for some other time.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We are the change that we seek.” – President Barack Obama


Today is only the fifth day of the year but for some, it might seem like a long time since commencing New Year’s resolutions; so long that some people might have caved in already.  Are you one of those people committed to change or did you reverse back to the same old song and dance?

Change is not something that you simply add to your life to get the desired results. Change is also part of the results that will make you have to change other things within your life. Here are a few things to consider.

Changing Your Attitude

If you are used to hanging with friends at a bar/restaurant, then you are probably used to alcohol binge drinking and eating. But just because your friends are drinking does not mean you have to. They will understand your new lifestyle and if they are true friends will support it. Instead of getting that 420 calorie overly mixed drink, get cranberry mixed with pineapple juice. It still quenches your thirst. It just won’t get you drunk. Choose healthier food options like a salad or a turkey burger and hold the fries.  Do you really believe that you cannot be satisfied with a protein based meal without having the extra stuff? Make sure you do not forget who made the resolution.  Stay strong and don’t give in just because you want to be cool. You fashion an even cooler attitude when you stay true to yourself and decide against being somebody else’s clone.

Change your Eating Habits

There is a difference between having an entire Chinese food order of chicken wings and fried rice and sharing it amongst your peers.  But there is also a difference between oven baking your own chicken wings and preparing your own rice. Less fat and more care into the ingredients being added!

Here is my advice. More water. Let’s eliminate soda. Let’s also give up the sugary drinks. Instead opt for 100% juices or blend your own drinks. Cook more and order out less. When shopping for groceries, choose items that have less than 30% of calories from fat. Let’s trade in the white bread for whole wheat or gluten free and opt for brown rice instead of white rice. After meals, drink hot tea or coffee to increase metabolism.  Switch up from eating meat on a daily basis to fish, seafood or other protein based food items like soy, tofu, beans or nuts. Snack less. And one more thing! Pay attention to portion sizes. If a box of cereal says one serving is ¼ cup, pull out your measuring cup and measure ¼ cup to prevent overindulging. Change is change; even if it is small change.

Change Your Routine

It is as simple as incorporating little changes to our daily lives. Take the steps instead of the elevator.  If your gym is remotely close, walk to the gym instead of driving or taking public transportation. If you are sitting home relaxing while listening to music, put on some high energy music instead and start dancing the inches off.  Take two 16.8oz unopened bottles of water and use them as weights to do bicep curls while watching your favorite can’t miss TV shows like Scandal.  Instead of accessing YouTube to simply watch Beyonce’s latest videos, get up and dance along with her.  I bet you will have fun trying some of the moves she does in her song Crazy in Love. Let’s get things started in truth as we are already on our fifth day.

Changing Clothes

It is inevitable! You eat right, you exercise and you drop weight and inches.  Nothing wrong with letting the clothes you already own get a little big. Purchasing new clothes while in between sizes can become expensive because you will constantly be changing your size if you stick to the plan. Use a belt. Don’t just change them because you dropped one size. Keep them until you have no choice but to get something new. Shop the Clearance rack as opposed to getting the most expensive name brand items. Look for sales and do not be opposed to clipping coupons.  Now what do you do with all those old clothes that no longer fit?  Here are some options; list them on an on-line auction or have a garage sale to get some of the money back you spent on them or donate them to your local church. I am sure they will find someone who will be so blessed by your changes.

Considering Change

Change is even sparked by just considering the idea of it. How can we not change when change is the only thing constant in life?  We must take into account how change can truly benefit our lives as opposed to life forcing us to consider other options. It is one thing to choose to eat healthy on your own. But when a doctor tells you that you must, the experience is not the same. By that I mean, in choosing to do something, we do it with passion. When being forced to do something, we do it and often struggle because it was never our own will in the first place. Also, if you are going to change for anybody, change for yourself. Not for the opposite sex and not for your peers and definitely not for praise. Do it because that is what you really want for yourself. A self-motivating reason is actually the only way you will stay true to your goal because in all actuality, this new fitness journey you are on is not just a resolution; remember!  It is a new lifestyle.
Here are some websites that you might consider accessing to help you along your journey
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