Tuesday, March 8, 2016


The groundhog was right. Spring has arrived early. 

How joyous it is to be in such warm weather in the early days of March. Just don't let these days slip you by. 

Get out there and walk!

If great heart health is achieved by doing 30 minutes of cardio vascular exercise, then you should know that in just 30 minutes, you would have walked a mile and a half. 

Ditch the car and use your legs as wheels to get you around. Fast from public transportation for a day, put on your sneakers and let your legs get you there.

It's worth the heart pumping experience and watch your body thank you later.

Nothing link meditating to the sound of the wind and your feet hitting the pavement! Nothing like the one on ones with God. Nothing like loving your own heart and taking care of it! I mean, who better than you? Or rather, if not you, than who? 

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